My Old Faithful! Diamine Majestic Blue

I am in the process of getting reviews done for some new and exciting inks, but man it’s hard to keep up these days! There are so many new brands hitting the market, so many old brands releasing new colors- how does a new ink blogger even begin to keep up? Well, I can start by not neglecting the inks that got me to this point, and one of the most important to me is the original sheen machine- Diamine Majestic Blue. This ink was the third I ever purchased, and at only $7.50/30 ml bottle, it’s hard to go wrong… right?

Artsy stuff
My attempt at an artsy, Goulet-ish photo. I like blue things.

This ink has been in every pen I have owned up to this point. It’s ALWAYS wet, dark, and smooth. I don’t hesitate to put it in my vintage pens, and when I do the reward is an incredible, almost ominous ink, dark to the point of near-black, covered in a garish red sheen that is just stunning. From nibs that are wet but reasonably so, the color brightens and the sheen backs off a bit, revealing a dark blue haloed in that red sheen. I find myself seeking the experience of the latter first and foremost, and the former whenever I feel tempted by the Organics Studio super sheeners, which I have not and really am not interested in trying.

Dat sheen doe
That’s a lot of sheen, and this is from the Pelikan M600 medium nib. From the Vacumatic, it looks like Nitrogen.

The ink behaves well on cheap paper, with feathering fairly minimal given that it’s quite a wet ink. It simply works, and it’s a very work-appropriate ink that still lends some serious character if used on fountain-pen friendly paper. There is one downside, however: the dry times can be long, which is often the case with heavily-saturated inks. This can lead to smearing, which may make the impatient among us look elsewhere. There also is no water resistance; in fact the few times I have spilled on this ink the dye movement leaves QUITE a mess.

Review page

Tasting Notes: Blueberry pie, that last moment of dusk as a final sliver of sunlight streaks red across a navy sky, salty fungicide. Yes, I’m serious on that one, I may or may not have had a little to much to drink on New Year’s Eve and taken a sip of ink. Yes, I have photo proof and no, you may not see it. Also: Don’t do it. Let me say that again: DON’T DRINK INK. Learn from my mistakes.

Yuri’s Corner: Blue ballpoint pen ink is a nice ink. The colors range from dark cobalt on the saturated bits to a beautiful blueberry feathery finish. I’m a huge fan! The sheen also hints at a royal purple, giving the ink an overall betta fish allure. I could take notes and write correspondence with Diamine Majestic Blue all day! Eight sapphires out of nine.

Color Comparison
Color Comparison- Note that sheen! Also the unlabled card on the right is Noodler’s Bad Belted Kingfisher, I just haven’t inked that yet, and honestly I don’t know if I ever will.

All that being said…. I designated this ink for the Empty Ink Bottle 2018 Challenge, and there is a reason why. I am just getting to the end of this bottle, and I’m not sad to see it go. As I grew in my hobby, I outgrew this ink. It sat in the back of my drawer, as more and more bottles pushed in further into the dark corner. Currently, I like my blues to be much more vibrant, and I reach for Majestic Blue less and less. Thus, I decided to send it off with a bang. I love the feeling of finishing a bottle of ink, knowing that it represents a particular time in my life and often a specific class or set of books, sometimes a place I lived where I used most of it. It’s time to close the chapter on Majestic Blue, and I thank it for a few years of dedicated, faithful, and satisfying service.

Cue: Viking funeral.


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